About ME

Connecting You IS My Passion.

I personally develop deep connections in the Business Communities! Helping entrepreneurs transform their Network into their Net Worth!

Hi, I’m Rosa Lokaisingh & my name says it all.

Why? Because just like my name, my heart SINGS when I see two people connect from the heart.

For the last 20 years, I have been known as a Connector, teaching networking skills, and bringing people together with synergies, which is what led me to become the Matchmaker. Most of that time has been about building networks for professionals, entrepreneurs and communities so that everyone wins.

Being a Business Matchmaker is not much different from being a Relationship Matchmaker. Success is all about relationships. Who you know, who you need to know, and who you don’t know yet, but will need to know soon will all show up when you learn how to make the right connections at the right time and you leverage your network, as if you’re mining for gold.

And that’s where I come in…

Your Community Connector

I can uncover the GOLD in your existing network, as well as show you exactly how to expand it in the right way, so you have a lot more success with a lot less time, energy, effort and money.
As a Connector and a Matchmaker, I match you with…

The person who will get you on the stage, or help you promote your book, or whoever else you need to meet to turn your business into a massive success, and make you happy in your business or personal life.

I teach you about….

Taking a real look at who you are being and stepping out into becoming the real YOU Imagine how much easier and joyous every day can be when you have an entire community supporting you and your success, and you doing the same for thousands of others, turning into thriving communities of millions globally. There is power in matching!!!

If you’re ready to discover the power of connecting and being matched with the Right Business Partners,
I’m here to help.

My Programs

One-On-One Coaching

Teaching Entrepreneurs and Business Owners how through Networking we can truly connect with each other.

Group Programs

Focuses on strengthening and deepening your connections, especially those in creating your inner circle.

Events & Workshops

Creating magical connections and how to effectively grow their business and community.

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I am devoted to developing a community where business owners can connect with colleagues and clients with open hearts and build trusting partnerships for us all to succeed and thrive. Send a message below to learn more.

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