Your Business Connector

We deliver Networking Workshops and Events where we teach Networking skills to entrepreneurs, small to medium sized businesses (SME’s), professionals, and students.

Participants develop techniques that make networking easy and fun, enabling them to form real connections and build partnerships that result in long term relationships and win-win outcomes for the business community.

One-On-One Coaching

The Ultimate Guide to Networking

Deepening your Connections” Customized programs based on individual needs for making the Right Connections and deepening the relationships for long term success.

Group Programs

Leveraging your Network to maximize the R.O.I. of your Time” 3 group sessions @ 2 hours long plus 2 – 1 hour follow up calls with participants

The CFA Program for Entrepreneurs” (Clarity, Focus and Action)

Events & Workshops

Business Matching and Masterminding” – 2 Day Retreat

Finding the GOLD in your Network” – 1 Day Workshop

“Deepening your Connection” – Networking events – Bi-weekly & Monthly
“Town Hall Gathering of Hearts & Minds in Business” – Every two weeks Wednesday
“Make the Invisible VISIBLE! Know what motivates YOU and watch yourself SOAR”


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